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"backbone" Pete Coe (2010)

“This outstanding album ably demonstrates that not only is his strength undiminished, his hunger for exploring the music and presenting it in new and interesting ways is as keen as ever.” fROOTS

“Pete Coe’s formidable contribution across four decades remains largely unsung. It’s a pernicious oversight, as this boldly forthright collection proves.” MOJO

“What marks this one out as probably his best solo album is the great attention to detail, recording quality, programming, design and so on, and he is in remarkably good voice throughout.” EDS

“This is an exceptional record, coegently demonstrating that Pete is as much a backbone of the modern folk revival as this fine disc should itself by rights form a backbone of your own CD collection.” LIVING TRADITION

“Though familiar, each song is rejuvenated by Pete’s approach and he even allows himself a little rewriting and always to the song’s advantages. He treats songs and tunes as trusted friends and they return the compliment. Each Pete Coe release over four decades has been a rewarding discovery and, more importantly, a welcome place to return to many a time and often.” TYKES NEWS

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Live Reviews

"a one man folk industry"

BBC Radio 2

"one of our most versatile and impressive performers".

Alan Bearman, Towersey Festival

"positively ebullient on stage, step-dancing whilst playing and singing."

Lawrence Heath, fROOTS

"Nowhere do you find all the threads of song, dance, musician, caller & organiser woven together in such a rich tapestry."

David Herron, The Living Tradition

"Pete Coe is dry of wit, strong of voice and his instrumental versatility is of vaudevillian impressiveness."

The Glasgow Herald

"Uniquely gifted as a terrific singer, accomplished multi-instrumentalist and thrilling step-dancer, sometimes all at once! An evening with Pete Coe is an exhilarating experience."

Electric Theatre, Guildford

"The headliner was Pete Coe, from the UK, a tall, lanky "one-man Folk Show" with a predominantly traditional repertoire, a huge and wonderful voice, and a multi-instrumentalist and master of his craft. Add to all that his ability to dance in the clogging style whilst playing, he was a knock-out, and left his audiences gob-smacked."

Auckland Festival New Zealand review

"A prolific performer with ability beyond bounds."

Chippenham Folk Festival

"An industry? More a multi-national."

Dave Tuxford, City Life, Manchester


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